Monday, February 8, 2016

This Creepy Ghost Town In New York Is The Stuff Nightmares Are Made Of

Right about now you’re probably drifting into a mild state of confusion over why a picture of some place lightly dusted with fresh powdered snow and the phrase “Ghost Town” have anything to do with each other. Well, it’s simple. Here to break the movie-made ghost town stereotype is the twice abandoned town of Tahawus, New York!

First things first, let me establish that while this whole shebang is about the ghost town of Tahawus, the actual village of Tahawus is no longer literally in Tahawus, New York. Say that whole thing back to me three times fast and I'll tip my hat to you. Confusing, huh? Let me explain!

To date, the town of Tahawus resides in the village of Newcomb, just a short drive from its original homebase in Tahawus, New York. While the village was first abandoned in 1857 after it failed to thrive as a mining town for iron ore, it was again abandoned for a second time in 1963.

Revived for a second time yet again as a mining town, it was after the company National Lead discovered a large deposit of ilmenite underneath Tahawus that the decision was made to literally move the village so a new pit could be opened. To fully wrap your head around what it meant to move the town of Tahawus, check out this incredible footage from the 1963 move!

You'll find that many of its previously standing mining facilities no longer exist and have almost all been completely demolished. While you may be lucky enough to stumble upon a leftover gear or random piece of mining equipment, one of the many incredible things that is still left intact is the McIntyre Blast Furnace! Standing at roughly 50-feet tall, this industrial powerhouse was a true piece of work. Once the furnace was fired up, it would take an entire acre of trees just to keep it up and running for one day! Explorers of Tahawus tend to love walking inside the furnace to truly soak up all of its history!


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