Thursday, June 4, 2015

ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone - Specs

This is the newest review about ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone - black - Easy to use smartphone for seniors!
ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone black Photo

ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone - Features

  • Android 4.2
  • The easiest to use smartphone in the world
  • Simlock free
  • Built-in flashlight
  • SOS emergency function
ICARUS Easyphone 4inch smartphone black Specs
The easiest to apply smartphone in this world The simplephone uses Android, this mostly used operating system for mobile phones. This gives you all this choices for installing apps as mainstream mobile phones. The simplephone has its own person interface though, which makes accessing this advanced functions of your phone a breeze. From messaging and also photography to surfing this web or listening to music, you could control all via this simple to apply interface with extra large and also simple icons. More advanced functions could also become accessed via this setting ups menu of course. Choose your favorite provider We do not like to become tied to one provider, and also neither should you. That's why this simplephone is unlocked. Just choose your own favorite provider (sim-only contract or prepaid card) and also you will be good to go. The simplephone supports networks as much as 3G. Built-in flashlight Where most mobile phones apply the camera flash to simulate a flash light, this simplephone has a much more convenient built-in dual LED flashlight. To turn it on or off, simply apply the flashlight slider button on this side of this phone. SOS emergency function If you get in a situation in which you feel threatened, slide this SOS button on this back of this phone to alert others to your situation. A loud alarm will go off and also this phone will automatically call this emergency contact you get stored. Also an automated notifcation SMS will become sent to which contact. Everything you would expect of a smartphone, however then simple to apply The simplephone has two cameras: one (5 megapixel) camera for taking pictures and also recording videos on this back of this device. And one camera for taking selfies and also video-calls on this front of this device. Thanks to this GPS sensor this simplephone could be used as a portable navigation device (with third party software such as TomTom). And of course Wi-Fi connectivity enables you to surf this internet.

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